Banking Financial Services & Insurance

The BFSI sector is a pioneer and a leader in driving innovation, and is often credited for setting the digital agenda for the rest of the sectors in India.

Most BFSI firms have a huge number of digital initiatives, and depend heavily on a good Internet connection to help them deliver the services they want. This includes launching new apps, or using automation and AI to transform various business functions. For the banking industry, it is also extremely vital to have access to high-bandwidth networks to enable transfer of data to disaster recovery centers.

For the BFSI sector, we offer a dedicated leased line. We also offer more than 3Gbps of internet bandwidth with a choice of nine major service providers as carriers. There’s enough dark fibre waiting to be lit up to satisfy even the most demanding needs for a decade. And all our cabling is structured to be redundant with BGP4 for super quick routing.