Through our partner company, CtrlS, we offer the best cloud computing services for SMBs, corporates and PSUs. CtrlS built India's first ever world class datacenter up to Rated 4 specifications and then went one better and built Asia's largest Rated 4 datacenter. These two world class green datacenters house nearly limitless storage and computing power and are connected to internet backbones with more than 3 Gbps of connectivity, with enough dark fibre for the next few decades of Cloud computing service demands.

All this infrastructure is the basis for the one of the most compelling suite of Cloud computing services, anywhere in the world. A multilayered management model, a huge choice of OS images to choose from, unmatched connectivity and near instant scalability, our Real Cloud solution has it all. With our Cloud controller server, you have complete control over system architecture with root VM access; you can deploy more servers, put up applications, perform maintenance and upgrades, all remotely and with utmost ease.

For customers, we offer a choice of over 140 operating systems. Whether you want the Windows kernel or any of a myriad different flavours of Linux, we have them configured and ready to deploy. Pick your OS platform of choice, build your application stack on top of it and be ready to go in no time.

Having Asia's largest Rated 4 datacenter at your disposal means that you have nearly limitless scaling potential. Never hit a ceiling while trying to add more memory, CPUs or disk space. Deploy new hardware instantly to keep up with your fast growing needs and the relentless demands of growing businesses.

We offer you a choice of nine different major carriers as your Internet service provider, a selection unmatched by any other cloud computing provider. With 3 Gbps of current network capacity, we can satisfy even the largest demands for data throughput and with huge amounts of dark fibre in the ground waiting to be lit up, we have enough future capacity to scale to your future needs.

We have the most aggressive pricing in the business along with the most flexible payment plans. Pay monthly, quarterly, semi annually or annually, whatever works best for you. All our billing is completely automated, so you can be sure your invoices accurately reflect the resources you deployed. Pick up the phone and call our 24x7 customer service center for a quote or use our simple online configuration tool to see how little India's best cloud computing services cost.


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