Professional Managed Services

Our Managed Services portfolio provides management of your currently deployed infrastructure so that you can focus on your core business and enhance agility, reduce cost, and provide you absolute peace of mind.

Pioneer follows well established frameworks and industry benchmarks such as ITIL, COBIT, Lean, Six Sigma and PMI. We have 16 dedicated CoEs on different technologies that is backed by an innovation bench of 300 engineers and 50 automation experts.

Our portfolio includes:

Managed Network

We provide network router, switch, link and modem reconfiguration as well as VLAN configuration management. We also provide proactive network fault identification, diagnosis, escalation, fault resolution, escalation management as well as network recovery in case of any outage. As part of infrastructure management, we also monitor bandwidth usage, CPU and memory usage and generates performance reports.

Managed Security

We use an IP-based KVM for remote infrastructure management. We monitor and administer your firewall, deploy scripting for policy backups, monitor performance and update software with patches. We also makes security related changes to your firewall like updation of blacklists, rule-based configuration changes and disabling ICMP packets.

Managed Servers

We perform remote infrastructure management and proactive round-the-clock monitoring of your servers. We track availability and utilisation of disk space, memory, network bandwidth and processing. We follow your incident management procedure for resolving incidents and we recommend workarounds to address issues. We also provide user management services, security administration and cluster administration.

Managed Storage

We provide storage solution management, monitors key resources and interconnects the storage solution. As part of its IT infrastructure services, we will manage and ensure peak performance of your storage solution, warn you about issues and suggest solutions for them. We also ensure regular backup, data protection and data recovery in the event of a system failure or an IT disaster. In case of a failure of your backup software, we can also assist in coordination with the vendor.


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